7 Steps to Self-Healing

Step 1: Connect with your Inner Self

Start focusing more on YOU and your care. Through meditation, intentional self-reflection, and the experience of a still environment at least a few minutes a day, you can connect with your inner being. Then you’ll learn to listen and appreciate it! Heck, maybe even start to enjoy it!

Step 2: Truly and Honestly face your inner obstacles and resistance

Who’s your biggest critic? It’s you. Period. Most people are afraid to face their own images.jpegweaknesses, or dare I say, flaws. This is where the critic comes to bat and begins to make you judge against yourself. You will discover your insecurities and anxiety exemplifies feelings of the past and CAN be HEALED. They actually are begging to be. The first step is to dig deep down and let the process of releasing begin. In order to do this, there are many avenues, from therapy, support groups, energy organizations like School of Metaphysics, massage, mind-body programs and being here 🙂

Step 3: Deal with old wounds…Get under that BandAid!

shame1.jpgYup, you knew it was coming. Before you can heal, you have to deal. As old residues of negative emotions are released, you’ll see you have leftover resentment, anger and scars that have to be faced head on. They may feel fresh at this point, but this means you’ve held on too long. It takes help from someone else who understands to go into these depths with you-this could be a close friend, mentor, confidant, priest, therapist…or even an online community. Once you begin, you’ll find a sense of relief and heightened appreciation of yourself for what you have gone through. I’m here to help if you need me.

Step 4: Forgive your past…yes…do it.

Pretending to forgive old pain and abuse, when in fact, all you’re doing is trying to escapea3a559bb69342d012607928e56104f02.jpg the pain is not FORGIVING your past. Through healing, you can be free from pain. This can give you the foundation for the sincere forgiveness and freedom you long for. “Self-acceptance is required first, and the realization that you—and everyone around you—have been doing the best you can from your own level of awareness.” This is a challenge when someone wronged you deeply. However, you cannot separate from the wrongdoer/doing until you accept that others are within their own reality and they are unable to escape or even change.

Step 5: Accept where you are right now…like NOW.

iamenough-220x300Don’t do this too fast! The first few steps take a long time. But, when you catch yourself dwelling in a bad memory, say an affirmation. “I am not that person anymore.” “My past will not deter from my happy journey in my present and future.” This is a great start.

Step 6: Form relationships where you feel loved and appreciated and boot the others

The path to unconditional love isn’t meant to be lonely. You should walk it with people 868525ab8cfb66eb9c616e316d367abc.jpgwho reflect the love you see in yourself. You are likely to look around at some point and realize that not everyone among your family and friends is in sync with your aspirations. Without rejecting them, you have the right to find people who understand the path you’re walking and sympathize with it. They are more likely to appreciate you for who you are now, and who you want to become.

Step 7: Practice the kind of love you aspire to receive…Love you some you.

love-yourself-quotes-20150125163444-54c51b242d740.pngI hear all the time how people are wanting and waiting to find the love of their life, or that their spouse is “the one” and “makes them complete”. But, realistically, how can anyone but yourself make you complete? Your mind and your heart and your emotions are powerful and guess who has the gear stick? YOU…YOU are the only one in control of that. Like attracts like, and the more you love yourself, the more your energy will draw in others like you and brightening the flame you create on this earth.


SPEND TIME EVERY SINGLE DAY with one or two of these steps. They are intertwined and once you find your mojo and begin forgiving and loving yourself, you’ll see the other steps will flow freely and follow suit. Put it in your phone as a reminder for every morning or every night. You are too important to forget about. Signature



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