Christmas Scavenger Hunt

One of my favorite things to do for people is a scavenger hunt for gifts or just for fun. I’ve done them for birthdays, anniversaries and now Christmas! I’m so excited to share these Christmas Scavenger Hunt clues so you can start your own fun and games!

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This scavenger hunt will be geared towards my boyfriend, Chris. Some of the clues pertain to just us, but hopefully from what you see, you will be able to get your creative juices flowing and create your own!!!

Here is a blank snowflake template for you to print off and use if you want!  Blank Flakes

You have to walk through the clue placement carefully.  As you start with clue #1, that clue directs you to one room/area, then the clue you place in that room directs you to another room/area.  You can choose to use as many clues as you want, but don’t forget to put the gift wherever your last clue is directing them or you can place a gift at each stop.  This always takes a bit of juggling because you have to make sure the person/kid won’t see the clue before the gift opening begins!

A sample Christmas Scavenger Hunt would be:

Wrapped Gift = Clue #1 —Is hanging on front door,  directs them to bedroom closet
Bedroom Closet/another gift = Clue #2 — directs them to the stove
Stove/another gift = Clue #3 — directs them to cabinet where we keep lightbulbs
Cabinet/another gift= Clue #4 — directs them to the couch under a blanket
Couch/another gift = Clue #5 — directs them to our personal chest               Personal Chest/another gift = Clue #6 – directs them to the front door         Front Door = FINAL GIFT!

I’ve included some pre-made rhyming Christmas Scavenger Hunt clues and 3 blank clues for you to create your own who I found from “StuffedSuitcase” website.  I’d love to know if you plan to do a Christmas Scavenger Hunt this year!  Happy Hunting!
Premade Clues

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